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Two Eco Fashion Activists (Heide and Julia) who have taken up the challenge to offer ethical, sustainable and beautiful clothing. It all starts with a common passion for Fashion. Since our earliest childhood, this universe has animated us and left its mark on our imagination.

Surrounded by our mothers and grandmothers who were tailors, we navigated between scraps of fabric, threads and needles, imagining the clothes we would wear when we grew up. Creations that would speak about us and our aspirations.

As adults, our love for beautiful clothes remains intact. But to our preoccupation for beauty have been added new stakes and new, more substantial challenges.

How can we continue to wear clothes that fit us, but whose behind-the-scenes manufacturing does not correspond to our values?

How can we fully live our passion for clothes without betraying our commitments in favour of an eco-responsible world that respects local know-how?

That's why we created Aatise!

Heide Aatise

Heide Baumann

Founder of the Aatise-Project, I have been working in the fashion world for more than 30 years as a textile engineer. When it became clear to me that not everything in the fashion industry could continue in the future as it had for the last 20 years, I decided to do everything in my power to produce and offer creations and clothing that matched my values.

Nothing can motivate me more than this challenge.

My main character feature:


The country in which I want to live:

I got stuck in Bordeaux in France, and would not want to live anywhere else

My favorite flower:


The natural gift that I would like to have:

Be able to fly,to and be free

My motto:

They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.

Julia Aatise

Julia Schena

Dedicated Digital Native, picky about small details, a bit too talkative, with a boundless passion for communication and stylish vintage clothes which have a story. With the soul of a child I have joined Heide in her adventure, which is much less crazy than it may seem...

My main character feature:

Passion, Passion (with a big P)

The country in which I want to live:


My favourite flower:

The peony

The natural gift that I would like to have :

To be Perfect in every way, like Mary Poppins

My motto:

We should be happy, if only to show the example (Prevert)

Louise  Aatise

Louise Pujalet-Plaà

Drowned in the world of commerce without any ecological conscience, I needed to give meaning to my professional future!

My main character feature:

The good mood

The country in which I want to live:

In the sun

My favorite flower:

All of them

The natural gift that I would like to have:

The power of persuasion

My motto:

There are no problems, only solutions.