Men's Linen pants

Suit pants, sportswear pants, city pants, business pants - if there's one men's garment that lends itself to all these occasions, and many more besides, it's without hesitation linen pants. A must-have fashion item in the men's wardrobe, linen pants can be adapted to suit any occasion and style.

In addition to the elegance they offer for everyday wear and special occasions, the natural material they're made from gives men's fashion a new perspective, and a more sustainable approach to textile consumption.

If protecting the environment, promoting craftsmanship and returning to more virtuous human values are important to you, then Aatise is the brand to find the linen pants for men that are just right for you. You'll also find women's linen pants at the boutique.

Why choose linen pants?

Apart from the elegance and refinement that straight linen pants bring to a man's silhouette, it's the excellence of the natural material combined with the know-how of the Aatise brand that gives them their unique properties. High resistance, making your men's pants a long-lasting garment; softness, making linen pants comfortable to wear; thermoregulation, making them suitable for winter and summer wear; anti-fungal and anti-bacterial fibers - these are the main qualities of men's linen garments. Combine these natural properties of linen fiber with the design and manufacturing processes used in our menswear collections, and you get garments that are as environmentally friendly as they are stylish, and as gentle on your skin as they are on the raw material.

Linen pants for men

What makes Aatise men's linen pants unique?

Linen is a natural fiber, over 80% of which is grown in France. With over 75,000 hectares dedicated to flax cultivation in our country, it's the enhancement and maintenance of the textile industry in France that the Aatise brand strives to highlight through the design of high-quality linen garments, shirts and pants. What's more, apart from the linen spinning process, which consists in transforming the plant fiber into yarn and is entrusted to our European partner, the entire manufacturing process takes place in our French workshops, including linen yarn knitting, dyeing (which we're aiming to obtain the Œko-Tex label for), cutting, assembly, sewing and finishing.

Last but not least, the Aatise brand puts its stamp on the design, lines and choice of colors of our men's linen pants. With the aim of offering you a collection of exceptional and highly exclusive menswear, we pay attention to every detail in the design of your Made in France linen pants. Available in a variety of sizes and attractive colors, your fashion piece will match a wide range of outfits and accessories to dress you in all circumstances and for all body types, large and small.

How to wear linen pants for men

If you want to add linen pants to your men's wardrobe, you need to choose them according to your style and the other clothes you wear on a daily basis or on special occasions. The advantage of men's linen pants is their lightweight feel, ensuring a casual look while retaining a chic, distinguished edge. This piece of men's wardrobe is perfect for going to the office, out with friends, attending a prestigious reception or even to match a wedding outfit or suit.

A straight or slim fit will be easy to match, especially if you choose linen pants in beige, cream or white, which will have the advantage of sublimating your look and bringing a guaranteed chic effect. As for the type of top to combine with linen pants, it's all a question of preference, style and circumstance. One thing's for sure: it looks good with everything. From casual tee-shirts to tailored linen shirts, from short-sleeved white shirts to slim-fitting shirts in light or pastel colors, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to creating that unique outfit that suits you. When it comes to footwear, too, the opportunities are numerous and differ according to the occasion for donning your men's linen pants.

While a pair of white sneakers or leather sneakers will be perfect for a sportswear or casual chic look, black or brown leather derbies or suede, nubuck or suedette loafers will look great for a modern, classy look. Those who prefer linen pants for vacations and seaside strolls will also prefer sandals and other open-toe shoes, for a very summery look. Finally, linen pants can be complemented by a brown or black leather belt, or even a leather clutch worn over the shoulder. You don't need any more gimmicks or accessories to give your outfit a trendy look. With the Aatise brand, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to elegant, timeless, smart-casual clothing.

Aatise men's linen pants, it's elegance on demand!

Choosing the Aatise brand for your linen pants means much more than enriching your wardrobe with a new men's garment. It's part of a more virtuous approach to textile consumption. No more wasted clothing, no more ready-to-wear production and no more disposable garments. With Aatise, you have access to more responsible fashion, manufactured on demand.

Each pair of men's linen pants that leaves our Bordeaux workshop and the hands of our tailors and seamstresses is a men's outfit that already has its owner. Whether you're dreaming of white linen summer pants, blue linen pants for business casual or slim linen pants for every occasion, simply select the characteristics of your garment in our online boutique or let us know what you're looking for, and we'll design and manufacture your linen pants.

For men with a thirst for elegance and a deep commitment to a new way of thinking about clothing fashion, choosing linen pants from Aatise is a strong sign that you are asserting your values and personality. Original creations, an entirely biodegradable natural raw material, easy-to-wear and easy-to-care-for garments, made in France by experienced textile craftsmen - these are the reasons why you should select Aatise men's linen pants. Not to mention that it's all about elegant outfits for a casual or resolutely chic look.

Men's linen pants by French brand Aatise are an ode to elegance in a garment that embodies our human, ethical and eco-responsible values.