French know-how

All our clothes are made exclusively in French workshops: in Pau, Bordeaux, Castres or the Paris region. Quality, transparency and tracability are at the heart of our efforts, which is why we prefer local production. The heritage of the know-how of our clothing companies, inspiring and unique, makes each garment a work of art and gives it a very special soul.

3 reasons that lead us to manufacture in France

Reason one:

For ecological reasons!

Production in France means thinking about the environmental impact and reducing the CO2 footprint by favouring local production. But not only that! Promoting production in France also means protecting your health. In fact, the French regulations for textile components are much stricter and more framed than abroad.

Reason two :


The choice of French manufacturing also means that the company is committed to preserving manual jobs. Reducing the CO2 footprint by promoting short supply chains and the growth of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in the craft sector: this is a strong social commitment! Choosing Made in France is also a guarantee that European working conditions will be respected.

Reason three :

A legacy to be perpetuated

Valuing Made in France means defending a precious traditional know-how. Inherited from generations of craftsmen, this emblematic heritage of our culture is today threatened by an ultra-competitive market. It is therefore up to us to decide on the future of French know-how!

Welcome to our Workshop-Coworking

We present you the background of the production of your custom-made clothing, here our new workshop-Coworking in Bordeaux!

Atelier Coworking de Aatise

Space with 4 machines and office

Atelier Coworking de Aatise

Ironing station and sewing machine

Atelier Aatise

Display of our values

Atelier Coworking

Changing room and mirror to check the fit of the clothes

Atelier Coworking de Aatise

Fabric cutting table and fabric storage

Cutting table with fabric unwinder

Office with the 4 sewing machines


Our workshops inspire us as much as they make us proud! Here we share with the backstage for manufacturing your clothes, from knitting our linen on old traditional machines next to Pau, to assembling a trouser pocket in the Paris region, to the small experienced hands who manufacture dresses and blouses in Bordeaux.

Aatise - Linen knitting machine

Linen knitting machine

Linen knitting machine

Dryer for Linen Yarn