FAQ Customization: Everything you should know!

Customization is an alternative consumption model that makes it possible to make again sense of our purchases.

Shopping for clothes has never been as accessible as it is today and waiting times have never been as short as they are today. And yet we place very little value on our garments, which, once worn (or often not even worn), end up in our closets or in the landfill.

The customization process invites you to change your habits by participating directly in the design of your clothing so that it is to your taste and we will make it just for you. At Aatise we speak of usage innovation.

However, since any change requires clarification, we have summarized all the questions you may have on the subject in order to answer them as simply as possible.

Are you ready? Let's talk about personalizable fashion!


Specifically, what does "personalization" mean?

Aatise offers you the possibility to choose the shape and the pattern among different designs and fabrics in which you want your garment to be made.

But is it tailor-made?

No. It is a personalization of our clothing, but it is still prêt-à-porter. We can ask you to specify your measurements, but it is only out of concern to recommend you the right size and the best fit for you.

How is this sustainable?

Customization is more sustainable for three reasons:

1/ Deconsumerism :

Because by personalizing your garment, you won't consider it as if you just bought it on a whim. It is the result of a long reflection, projections coupled with an outburst of creativity. In other words, an investment to create a unique piece that suits you and encourages you to buy less but better.

2/ Zero Waste :

When you say customization, you mean one-off production and therefore stock reduction. Our production model requires us to produce only what you order. In this way, we have a dedicated material management system that takes on the challenge of producing only what is necessary according to your order. In this way we can guarantee you a waste reduction in the sense of Zero Waste.

3/ Ecodesign :

Because the clothing is ecologically designed, i.e. made of biodegradable synthetic fibres and finished with cotton yarn, without any synthetic yarn. For buttoned clothing the buttons are re-usable or natural.

I have read that viscose is not very ecological!

Viscose is a synthetic fibre. This means that the process of converting the natural raw material (wood pulp) is chemical. In this sense, viscose has no zero impact on the environment.

We now use EcoVero TM viscose, which is certified by Lenzing in Austria.

This viscose has a lower environmental impact. It is printed in Germany and not on the other side of the world, according to European standards and with OekoTex certified inks. It is also biodegradable.

Why should I personalise my garment if it is already available in the e-shop?

Simply because the process is more fun and although we have already considered all possible combinations, we have not made them. We have been waiting for you and your creativity.

Does personalisation only concern women's creations?

Aatise personalisation is suitable for both women and men. At the moment, personalisation for men only concerns printed T-shirts and the Zagnum shirt. But we are actively working to offer more options soon.... Stay tuned!.

How do I choose my size?

Don't rely on the sizes you normally buy from other clothing brands. It is best to consult the size advisor to make sure you make the right choice.

size advisor women

size advisor men

If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

How long do I have to wait for my order before I receive it?

It takes between 3 and 4 weeks for you to receive your order. The delivery time may also be faster depending on the availability of the workshops.

Where are your clothes made?

In the Bordeaux region, our city, in a partner workshop. This allows us to keep an eye on the quality of your clothes and to be very reactive!

Why does it take so much time?

Because we do not prepare anything in advance: To make your garment, we have several steps to complete from cutting the fabric to assembly in cotton yarn.

What happens if I change my mind right after my order?

Since it is important that you get the perfect part, you can change your mind about the shape or fabric until it goes into production. All you have to do is send us an email to let us know and we will tell you if it is possible to make changes or not. However, we cannot guarantee that this is possible systematically, nor can we give you a deadline, as this depends on the orders in progress on the website.

And if the garment does not fit after receipt, what happens then?

You will have understood that, unlike many brands, we do not have any stocks and that the garment you order is made specifically for you, which makes it difficult to exchange. However, as your satisfaction is at the heart of our efforts, you have the option of returning the unworn, faultless and unwashed garment to us. We will offer you a new, more suitable garment. Our concept is part of Slow Fashion and our desire is to limit the carbon load as much as possible. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to choose the right combination and size. If you have any doubts, it is easiest to contact us directly to discuss them.

But who did all these cute drawings?

Our talented illustrator Romane Boussarie. Thank you very for your patience!

Now you are ready for personalization!