Sustainable wedding dresses made in France on demand

Sustainable wedding dresses made in France on demand

Our collection of sustainable wedding dresses Made in France

Simple and eco-friendly wedding dresses for your most beautiful day

Choosing the dress for your big day is an exciting task that you will love from start to finish.

Choosing the shape, color, accessories, etc and other doubts you may have when choosing your wedding dress is very exciting.

But for women who want to organize an environmentally conscious wedding, the design and materials of the dress are very important criteria to consider.

Wedding dresses that can be customized and made to order.

Most of our dresses can be customized with the help of our personalization course. This also applies to our wedding dresses. For your big day, you can customize your dress by choosing the material, cut, sleeves, etc. according to your taste.

A romantic and durable dress:

Zermonie: This wrap dress with butterfly sleeves is our wedding dress par excellence. The long flared cut makes the dress flowing. The linen or ecovero dress is the right dress to make your wedding as responsible as possible.

The boho wedding dress :

Zargot: If you want a more bohemian style, Zargot is for you! This wrap dress combines comfort and elegance. With its flared midi length skirt, it provides a less classic style on your wedding day.

The eco-friendly dress for a civil wedding:

Zovy: If you have a civil ceremony planned for your wedding day, Zovy is perfect for you. It's elegant and minimalist, Made in France and 100% Ecovero to make your wedding a little more eco-friendly.

The materials of the ethical and co-responsible wedding dresses

Linen wedding dresses

Our main material, linen, is perfect for your wedding day!
 This natural material provides a comfortable, soft feel and allows your skin to breathe. With its natural creases, linen is great for country weddings or by women looking for a bohemian style on their big day.

Ecovero wedding dresses

Wedding dresses made of Ecovero are also offered. This viscose is a synthetic fiber made from wood pulp and solvents. It is a low environmental impact fabric that is eco-friendly, durable and breathable. The soft and flowing fabrics of these dresses will capture your heart.

Wedding dresses that can also be worn in everyday life.

Which wedding dress do you choose for your body type?

When you start looking for wedding dresses, you don't know which silhouettes will flatter your body or which ones will fit you.

Do you know what types of wedding dress silhouettes there are and what features they have?

Morphology in the form of a 8 :

It is characterized by a balance between hips and shoulders and a pronounced waist.

Opt for a dress with a beautiful neckline that emphasizes the waist.

O-shape morphology:

You have a rather round silhouette, feminine shapes and a large bust.

Morphology in A :

A narrow waist, slightly wider hips and little bust define your body shape.

Prefer dresses cut below the bust, with a tight waist and a slightly more flowing skirt.

V-shaped morphology :

You have a rather athletic figure, your shoulders are wider than your hips and your legs are slim.

There is nothing better for your big day than a princess dress that accentuates your hips with a heart or straight neckline.

H-shaped morphology:

Your waist is only slightly defined and your shoulders and hips are the same width.

Go all out on the top with narrow straps and a good neckline.

X-shaped morphology:

Your silhouette is similar to the H-type, but your waist is narrow and prominent. You are fortunate to be able to wear a variety of dresses.

The dress that shows you off best is a mermaid dress or a wrap dress that hugs the waist well her silhouette