Ethical and eco-responsible Men's Clothing

Ethical and sustainable men's clothing, made in France

Aatise and ecoethical fashion for men

We have chosen to use one word to describe the three commitments we hold dear: Ecoethicale.

Ecological responsibility + Ethics (ethic) + Local production

 = Ecoethicale

Ecoethical?  Is that Slow Fashion ?

Ecoethical fashion is not the same as ethical fashion ... and it does not mean a strong commitment to consumption reduction.

Before the Covid crisis, no one really knew what the word "ecologically responsible" meant in fashion, but that has since changed.

There has also been more talk about slow fashion, as opposed to fast fashion.

Fast Fashion :

Fast Fashion was "invented" in the 1990s, but exploded in 2005 when quotas were abolished in the name of globalization.

It aims to produce disposable clothing in large quantities and as cheaply as possible, without caring about the social and environmental impact of their actions.

Today, some actors of fast fashion (which everyone knows without calling them by name) are trying to adopt the movement of slow fashion or ecologically responsible fashion. However, they are not changing their production methods or their consumption habits, which aim to sell more and more at a lower and lower price.

Slow Fashion: 

In response to fast fashion, Kate Fletcher coined the term slow fashion in a 2007 article in The Ecologist, comparing ecological/sustainable/ethical fashion to slow food.

So under the term Slow Fashion, you can combine ecological/sustainable and ethical fashion.

And why do you make your clothes locally?

Quite simply because this is also part of our commitment: to reduce the impact caused by transportation, we aim to produce locally.

Ecoethical Fashion -- or how to align your "ecological" values with your clothing purchases.

Today, there is a wide range of ecologically responsible and/or ethical clothing available.

Eco-clothing is no longer boring and looks like a sack. You have the choice to personalize your clothes, thus adapting them to your wishes, style and taste. 

You can customize it on our personalization path.

It is a fashion that resembles you (instead of you resembling a fashion) that reflects your personality with the least impact on the environment.

It encourages you to consume less but better, to repair your clothes and to reuse your discarded clothes.

In short, it showcases you while reflecting your values.

The impact of eco-friendly clothing on health :

By using eco-responsible materials, we limit the health risk by avoiding toxic substances for the users, but also for the manufacturers who inhale and handle the substances.

Some chemicals can cause allergies, cancer or DNA mutations, or contain substances that can interfere with your hormone system.

You can consult our Environmental Health Charter.