Customization is an innovative manufacturing model that invites us to disrupt our traditional shopping habits. And since any change can be intimidating at the beginning, we asked our customers to give us feedback on their customization experience.

Aurélie d’Andorfine Kitchen - Bordeaux - Model Zuras sleeves 3/4, print n°1904

I was fascinated by the possibility to choose the cut of the dress! The fabric, in short, everything is made to order at an absolutely affordable price. If you also know that this is ethical and sustainable clothing, this has definitely confirmed my purchase decision! I am an absolute fan of this dress-style, the design and the chosen fabric. The team was also very obliging to me! Bravo Aatise!

Elena - Paris -Model Zovy bishop sleeves, print n°1802

I really enjoyed ordering my dress from Aatise! I met her at an event (....) Heide directly took out her measuring tape (....) and all this in all simplicity and friendliness as the founder of the company ♡

Margot - Nantes - Model Zovy, butterfly sleeves, print n°1804

I was lucky enough to be able to try on different models of Aatise dresses in different fabrics under the wise advice of one of the brand's founders. I was very enthusiastic about the midi skirt length and the very elegant little butterfly sleeves! The fabric is also very soft....... Unbelievable! What could be more beautiful than to feel elegant in a unique piece that suits us and that is also ecologically responsible!

Camille - Montpellier - Model Zélodie, print n°1901

My first order at Aatise, top! While I wasn't sure about my size, I could send in my measurements for advice. In addition to choosing the fabric, I felt like I had something "made to measure" for the first time in my life.

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