Aatise was founded with the desire to fight against the irresponsible (over)consumption of fast fashion, which destroys our planet to make clothes that will never be worn. After many years in the fashion world, we did not want to admit that we were powerless in the face of this incoherent model, which offers ever lower prices and special offers and promotes behaviors that waste and pollute the Earth's resources.

That is why we have decided to commit ourselves by offering consumers an alternative: fashion that makes sense while remaining beautiful.

A more responsible, ethical and sustainable fashion.

Our environment: the Darwin ecosystem! Following our principles, we have chosen to locate our offices in a responsible and sustainable ecosystem. DARWIN 100% powered by green energy, recycles 650 kg of cardboard and paper per month plus 56% of local waste and saves 1220 bottles of water per month from rainwater in the toilets.

This ecosystem houses a 6000m2 area of coworking and shared offices, where we are supported in our creation by "Les Premières" and now have our offices in Bordeaux Campement. The "Campement" is an incubator for projects with high social and environmental value, managed by the City of Bordeaux, Darwin and the 'Les Premières'.

Our values, our commitments

PARTICIPATION - We value sharing everything with you. First, we want to inform you about every aspect of our brand by being transparent about our manufacturing processes and the origin of all our materials. But also to listen to you, to best meet your expectations and wishes. Because Aatise clothing is made by us together with you.

RESPECT - Our clothing is made with the planet in mind, with very low water and CO2 balances. We try to limit CO2 emissions as much as possible by contacting suppliers that are as close to us as possible and by using non-hydrophagic materials such as cotton (we only use recycled cotton).

SOLIDARITY - We promote local know-how by manufacturing our clothing only in France, and we promote short supply chains by favouring local manufacturers as close to us as possible.

BALANCE - Because Aatise likes things that make sense, we pride ourselves on sharing our values with commitment and heartiness within the company. In our offices, at Camp Darwin, we know how to combine work and good times over coffee. And because we believe that a fair work-life balance is vital to the creativity of our team members, working hours can be adapted to the personal needs and aspirations of each individual.

ENJOYMENT- Our goal is to prove to you that it is possible to combine values and style. We create with you clothes that you like, so that you can love them and wear them for a long time. In short, clothes that are beautiful, do you good and make you happy. This is also the SlowFashion "to treat" yourself to only the best, to consume less but better!

CHALLENGE - Aatise, in (very) very old French, means provocation, challenge. The one that wake you up to the shortcomings of today's fashion! But it is also the challenge we set YOU: To change your way of consumption, because only together will we be able to create a better, more responsible and more sustainable world.

DETERMINATION - This is no small challenge and our path will sometimes be full of obstacles. But we remain determined and do not give up. We are aware that the change in consumption will not happen overnight. And that's why we fight every day to show the skeptical eco-fashionistas the need to change their habits and the benefits we can all gain from it.

SUSTAINABILITY - We offer sustainable clothes to promote sustainable consumption. Because the world and the climate change and deteriorate through human activity. By 2030 we will no longer be able to consume such unnecessary quantities without consequences. It is time to propose solutions and act!

Fortunately, we have some.

CURIOSITY- We are very curious about new ideas and knowledge and it is very important to us to further develop our critical thinking skills. That is why we are looking for continuous improvement. The discovery of new courses and conferences in Darwin or outside the ecosystem, giving our interns the opportunity to participate so that everyone can improve, are also ways to broaden our vision of a fairer world.

QUESTIONNING- We humbly defend our values and are constantly seeking improvements. We still have a lot to learn, so we will always be very attentive to your recommendations, those of our environment or those of the other Darwinians we meet every day.