Personalized dresses in sustainable fabrics

Personalized dresses in sustainable fabrics

Chic and sustainable dresses made in France - the most environmentally friendly choice!

Aatise manufactures dresses ethically responsible France since 2017.

Most of our designs are made on demand to avoid overproduction. Why should you choose local manufacturing for your eco-friendly dress? Simply because local manufacturing produces less CO2 emissions than production that comes from far away.

What does it mean when a dress is made by hand?

All the steps to make your garment are done by hand. It starts with the cutting. The assembling of the dresses is done with cotton threads (to avoid microplastics entering nature at the end of life). The buttonholes and buttons are also applied by hand.

What does "Made in France" mean?

Often you will find brands that do "french washing". If you have a presentation that says, "The dress was designed and created in our atelier," that does not mean it was made in that country. The "design" and "creation" may very well have been made in France or in Germany, but the manufacturing may have been done abroad, in a country with low labor costs. According to the Direction general de la concurrence, de la consummation et de la repressions desk frauds (DGCCRF ), the rule is, among other things: "The added value of one or more stages of production must take place in France and be at least 45% of the cost price" and "the last substantial processing must have taken place in France."

Even if the raw material for a garment comes from another country, the MADE IN FRANCE mark can be applied if the garment is entirely assembled in France.

Your personalized Aatise dresses Made in France, from environmentally friendly fabrics:

The dresses are either made of linen or EcoVero. These two materials are used for all our creations.

All our dresses can be personalized! You can use the personalization path. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can also send us a message HERE