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1) Right of Retraction

1.1 Pursuant to article L.121-20-12 of the Consumer Code, The Client has a 14-day period from the date of the conversion from a Pre-Order to an Order to exercise their right of retraction to The Company, without needing to justify their motives or to pay a penalty.

1.2 Pursuant to article L. 121-21-8-3° of the Consumer Code, an exception is made to The Client’s exercising the right of retraction for orders of products consisting of a customised element specifically chosen directly by The Client.

1.3 To exercise their right of retraction from the order, The Client must notify The Company of their decision by means of a declaration void of all ambiguity, without needing to justify their reasons. The Client can communicate their decision of retraction to The Company by any means, in particular by sending a letter to The Company at the following address: 87 quais des Queyries, 33100 Bastide Bordeaux or by e-mail at hello@www.aatise.com.

1.4 The Client has a retraction form at their disposal and for their completion on The Site. Once it is complete, the retraction form validating The Client’s decision to withdrawal can be sent directly to The Company by sending the below form:

1.5 In the event that The Client notifies The Company of their decision to retract, no matter the means employed, The Company will send them an acknowledgement of receipt as soon as possible by sustainable means (specifically by mail). In the case that The Client retracts, the reimbursement of the product or products that was/were the subject of the right of retraction, is made by The Company using the same means of payment employed for the original purchase unless The Client explicitly states that they would like to be reimbursed by a different means. In any case, this reimbursement will not incur any charges on behalf of The Client. The reimbursement is processed as soon as possible and, at the latest, within 14 days from the day on which The Company was informed of the decision of The Client to retract their Order.

2) Product Return and Exchange Commercial Policy

2.1 The Products marketed by Aatise, The Company, specifically fulfil the needs of The Clients who have made a Pre-Order. Pursuant to this, The Company does not have a – or have only little -stock of products and cannot ensure The Client an exchange for a size different from that which they specified on their Pre-Order.

2.2 The Company allows The Client to return products to The Company within 7 business days following their reception. The Client must return the product(s) in the same state which they receive it/them and with all associated packaging, accessories and notices (even if the product(s) may have been opened), to the following address: 87 quais des Queyries, 33100 Bastide Bordeaux. All clothing visibly worn and hence not in new condition will not be reimbursed. In the case that the return of the product(s) conforms to the stipulations set forth in this article, it will be the price and the subject of a reimbursement made by The Company using the same means of payment used for the original transaction, unless otherwise expressly requested by The Client. In any case, the reimbursement will not incur any charges on behalf of The Client. The reimbursement is made as quickly as possible after the receipt of the returned product(s).

2.3 Aatise, The Company, has created an exchange forum between Clients, accessible at the following link: LINK FACEBOOK GROUP

2.4 Aatise, The Company, does not allow for the return or exchange of products (only under the conditions specified in article 2.2) unless an exchange can be facilitated on the exchange forum mentioned in article 2.3.

In any case, The Company denies any and all responsibility regarding the correct execution of such an exchange, which is carried out between Clients, and for which the responsibility lies solely with them.

2.5 In accordance with the law, The Client is responsible for any charges associated with the return of a product.

2.6 The Client is welcome to indicate the reason for the return or retraction, in order to assist The Company in improving their product.

2.7 Pursuant to article L. 221-23 of the Consumer Code, The Client is informed that their responsibility to The Company is limited to the possible depreciation of the product(s), sent back as part of them exercising their retraction right, resulting from manipulations other than those necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and proper operation of the product(s).