Our sustainable jackets and coats for men made in France

Upcycled jackets and coats for men.  

Men's coats and jackets made from environmentally sustainable materials: a must for winter and mid-season.

Zularit: the workwear style jacket.

This short unisex jacket is inspired by work jackets. Its boxy, semi-short and square cut gives it a "casual" yet "chic" look. A timeless style with pockets and buttons.

The goal of the workwear style? Simplicity and comfort that suits all morphologies. The straight cut adapts to any silhouette.

As the name suggests, workwear has its origins in the workwear of the various professions in America, especially workers and the military. Gradually, the style of these jackets was adapted to the needs of workers.

It is, in fact, a garment that is very timeless. In the off-season and summer, this jacket can be worn over a T-shirt when the days and nights are a little cooler. In winter, to fight the cold, you can opt for a wool sweater or sweatshirt to protect yourself.

The men's jacket in many variations

Zularit made of upcycled cotton in beige: The neutral shade is perfect to combine with white or light-colored clothes.

Zularit made of cotton and polyester in lead color: This jacket color goes very well with black jeans or pants. To create a little contrast, choose a white t-shirt!

Wool Zularit in gray: this wool jacket is a great option for more formal looks that still remain casual.

Our ultimate long coat for men

Zerez: The long trench coat style for men.

Did you know that the trench coat was originally invented to outfit officers in the British Army?

Over the years, this historic men's coat has seen many variations.

Contrary to popular belief, trench coats and long coats are not just for tall men. The most important thing is to choose the right length of the garment. Your trench coat should end just above your knees.

In spring, go for a total linen look: a jacket, a shirt and linen shorts Ziggy! A pair of dark brown suede espadrilles are a perfect option to complete the outfit.

Trench coats have the power to accentuate the shoulders and make your shape look slimmer.

A long men's coat for any occasion.

manteau et veste made in france

The beautifully buttoned Zerez is a comfortable and stylish long cotton coat that can also be worn as an oversized coat. It can be perfectly combined with all parts of the closet and can be worn in any situation.

A little tip: you can wear it over your suit in the office to protect yourself from the inclemency of the weather in the off-season.

What is upcycling in fashion?

The idea behind it is to recycle items or materials that are no longer used to make high-quality products.

The biggest advantage of upcycling is, of course, the positive impact on the environment, as reusing products can save energy and raw materials. Upcycling has many benefits:

- For the environment:

Upcycling reuses existing materials, avoiding the production of new products and their impact on the planet: a very high energy consumption, the use of large amounts of water, chemical and polluting treatments ...

For health:

Clothes made from upcycled materials are recycled and therefore are not exposed again to chemical treatments or the use of pesticides.

How to choose an eco-friendly coat or jacket?

At Aatise, we have reused materials that were actually meant to be thrown away and given them a new life. Here are the different materials used in our jackets:

Upcycled Cotton: Beige

At Aatise, we've reused materials that were supposed to be throwaway and given them a new life. Here are the different materials of our jackets:

Upcycled cotton/polyester material: dark grey.

In this material, you can find the attributes of cotton as well as polyester. Our jackets and coats for men made of upcycled polyester cotton are durable, soft and insulate perfectly against the cold.

They are available in dark gray and are water-repellent due to their very tight weave.

Upcycled wool: gray

Jackets and coats made of wool keep you warm all year round. They absorb moisture and are an excellent thermal insulator.

Whether a winter coat or a transitional coat, jacket, overshirt, long coat, short trench coat or long jacket in kimono style - the coat for men or the jacket for women are indispensable parts of a wardrobe.

Do clothes have to be much more than a fashion accessory for you?

When choosing your jackets and coats, do you pay special attention to the fact that they correspond to your values?
Do the concepts of sustainability and ethics speak to you when buying clothes?

If you recognize yourself, chances are we have the same awareness and desire to bring about change by defining a new way of clothing consumption!

Whether it's a warm fall/winter coat, a trench coat for spring or a lighter jacket for summer evenings, it's first and foremost about being comfortably and warmly dressed in a prêt-à-porter sustainable outfit that allows you to highlight your style with elegance and sophistication.

But women's and men's fashion can also be reconciled with the defense of strong ethical and environmental values. In this sense, the professionals of our brand of eco-responsible clothing made in France work every day to give new prestige to the know-how of textile professionals in the region.

In our Bordeaux / Villenave d'Ornon atelier, our French-made jackets and coats become fully-fledged fashion accessories, while being brought to life by strong values and concepts such as ecological responsibility, social values and the valorization of craftsmanship.


Why choose to dress in our locally made jackets and coats?

From the upcycled wool coat to the timeless short cotton trench coat, the denim jacket, the long raincoat, the overshirt or the linen jacket to the unisex jacket, there are a thousand and one ways to add style to your wardrobe by opting for a coat made in France that suits you.

At Aatise, what matters most is your personality, and with this in mind, we awaken our creativity to seek out upcycled fabrics to incorporate into your future clothing. Discover our locally made shirt , our pants , our sweater and our linen dresses.

Starting from a blank sheet of paper and depending on the materials we source from the dormant leftovers of manufacturers or through the upcycling chain, we define the lines, the cuts, the styles and the originality of the coats and jackets that we incorporate into our collections.

And to give you the opportunity to go one step further in wearing a unique garment, we offer you the possibility to personalize your linen jackets for men or women, making them an exceptional piece in your closet.

There is an incredible variety of coats and just as many ways to combine them with the other garments in your closet.

Hooded parka, down jacket, windbreaker, long coat, wool coat, blazer, Saharia coat, short jacket, costume jacket, trench coat and many more. When the tailors of our eco-conscious brand Aatise bring a women's coat or a men's jacket to life, the first priority is to create a garment that is fashionable, timeless and sustainable at the same time.

Given the large number of women's and men's coat models that make up our made in France collection, you'll be pretty spoiled for choice in terms of size, cut, colors, and style to find something that accentuates your silhouette and enhances your personality by choosing a garment you'll feel comfortable in.

Why choose a coat made in France by the brand Aatise?

Apart from the style, the variety of models and the very high quality of our jackets and coats made in France, buying a garment from Aatise means embracing a certain vision of textile consumption that is more ethical and environmentally conscious.

Ethical, because we prioritize the know-how of French designers in our workshops located exclusively in France, and fairly remunerate the entire production chain through fair prices. And ecologically responsible because we use natural and/or recycled materials and fabrics, both for the materials that make up our coats and jackets and for the accessories such as buttons, zippers, labels, elastics, sewing threads, etc.

So, on request, we offer you the confection of unique pieces such as our upcycled wool women's coat made in France, our unisex overshirt, our beige short trench coat made of upcycled cotton, our black denim jacket for women, our Ecovero kimono or our beige raincoat for men, just to name a few models.

A production that we prefer to make on demand, as an expression of our values to avoid overproduction and textile waste. Each coat, each jacket, each overshirt, whether for women or men, that leaves our production facilities in France is made because it was ordered: an innovative vision of ready-to-wear and prêt-à-porter!