Eco-responsible men's jumpers made in France

Sustainable merino men's sweaters and cardigans made locally by Aatise.

New: the sweaters for men made in France from merino wool.

We present the perfect combination: a sweater locally made, from zero waste and environmentally conscious. The sweater remains one of the most important garments for winter. It can be perfectly combined with pants or jeans from your wardrobe. Our new 100% merino wool sweaters come in a variety of colors and sizes to keep you warm all winter long.

"Our sweaters have values" for men

The latest this season we present "Ziro", our sustainable sweater made of merino wool, Made in France.

This wool is soft, light and most importantly it does not scratch. This sweater keeps you warm in winter and regulates the temperature for a cooler summer evening. The sweaters are designed in our atelier in Bordeaux and made in Saint-Malo at our partner atelier. Discover this novelty right now and take advantage of the offer for the first ethical sweaters in merino wool.

What are the benefits of merino wool?

For centuries, the advantages and benefits of merino wool have been proven. Because of its quality and softness, it is very popular with everyone.

Merino wool: an ethical yarn with many advantages.

For the production of our sweaters we have chosen a natural wool, obtained from renewable resources. The sheep only need grass, water and fresh air. It is a Mulesing Free certified wool, which avoids the suffering of the sheep and guarantees their mental and physical well-being.

Merino wool does not scratch because the fibers are very thin. It is not allergenic and is even recommended for eczema, as it protects your skin and is anti-static and does not cause electrical discharges.

As for the care, this yarn is very easy to wash, as the stains remain on the surface, which makes cleaning very simple.

If you want to learn more about how to care for sweaters made of merino wool, please read our article How to care for my merino sweater on this topic.

Thanks to the fibers of merino wool that trap air pockets, the garment is temperature balancing and regulates both body temperature and humidity.

In addition, it has an incredible antibacterial effect: thanks to the keratin and its quick-drying properties, it neutralizes odors.

Our men's sweaters in merino wool

As a fan of natural materials like linen, we naturally chose to make our sweaters from merino wool because it is so soothing and high quality. This basic is one of the most important garments in winter to keep warm. But not only in winter: Ziro will accompany you all year round, adapting to every season.

Local manufacturing and zero waste are at the heart of the Chez Aatise project.

We support local manufacturing and relocalization of production to promote French craftsmanship.

We want to encourage producing and consuming clothes in a more sustainable way to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet.

For us, manufacturing on demand is a way to avoid overstock and produce only what is really taken. The sweaters are designed and created in our atelier in Bordeaux and then manufactured in our partner atelier 3DTEX on fully equipped machines that produce only 1.5% material waste during manufacturing.

This is made possible by a complete digitalization of the knitting process. The knitting workshop uses green electricity, 100% of which comes from France and is obtained from renewable energy sources.

Why pre-order and manufacture on demand?

For us, producing sweaters on pre-order at the beginning is a way to find out what your wishes are and what kind of winter clothing you are looking for. At Aatise, we have always preferred manufacturing on demand to prove only what is needed.

It is also important to know what you can combine the merino wool sweater with: Thanks to its simplicity, it goes perfectly with solid colors and even prints.

In more muted colors like anthracite gray for the office. Also, you can combine it with shirts for an elegant look or with polo shirts for a casual look.