1. Identity of Data Processing

Management Data is collected by Aatise SAS, which is the data processing manager.

2. Cookies (have nothing to do with those delicious biscuits we call cookies!)

At Aatise, we want to be transparent when it comes to the manner in which we collect and use your data. Navigation on the www.aatise.com website is likely to result in the installation of cookies on the user’s terminal. A cookie is a small file, that does not allow for the identification of the user, but that saves information having to do with the navigation of a computer, tablet or smartphone on a site. The data obtained is used to ease further navigation on the site and to allow for faster loading of the site’s pages, using the data in the file downloaded onto your terminal.

a) Cookies on www.aatise.com

Depending on the choices that result in the navigation parameters of your computer, Aatise can install different cookies on your terminal: Analytical Cookies: To establish frequency statistics (pages viewed, order processing, number of visits, etc.) to follow and better the quality of our services. Preference Cookies: To adapt the presentation of the Aatise website to the display preferences of your terminal. Functional Cookies: These have the objective of memorising the information entered into forms, to manage and secure the access to bookmarks and personal spaces such as your account, shopping cart, etc.

b) Audience and Statistical Cookies with Google Analytics.

c) Third-Party Cookies

We are likely to include, on our site, third-party computer applications that allow you share the content from our site with other people or to make people aware of the content of our site. This is especially the case for the “Share” and “Like” buttons for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The social media network providing a “Share” or “Like” button is likely to identify you due to the simple presence of this button on our website: even if you did not use it. This type of button can allow a social network to follow your browsing on our site, just by the fact that your concerned social media account was open (active session) while you were browsing our website. If you do not want the social network concerned to link the information collected by the intermediary of our site to your account, you must disconnect from to social media network concerned before visiting our site. We do not have control over the processes put in place by the social media networks in order to collect information relative to your navigation on our site in association with the personal data of which they dispose. In order to find out more information regarding the privacy policy of the social media networks mentioned above, click on the name of the social media network of your choice:






Your choices of and control over the cookies is dictated by your chosen navigation software. Most navigators allow you to control your cookies by accessing your setting options. The refusal to install a cookie can result in the unavailability of certain services or the degradation of the user experience. The user can, however, configure their computer in the following manner, in order to refuse to install cookies:

Internet Explorer: “Tools” tab (the cogwheel image in the upper right corner) then “Internet Options”. Click on “Privacy” and choose “Block all Cookies” and click “OK”.

Firefox: At the top of the browser window, click on “Firefox”, then go to the “Preferences”. Select the “Privacy” tab in the Options window. Set the Retention Rules to: "Use Custom Settings for History". Finally, uncheck the box to disable cookies.

Safari: Click on the upper right corner of the browser on “menu” (showing a cog pictogram). Click “Settings”. Click "View advanced settings". In the "Privacy" section, click “Content Settings”. In the "Cookies" section, you can block cookies.

Chrome: Click on the upper right corner of the browser on the “menu” pictogram (showing by three horizontal lines). Select “Settings” from this menu. Click “Show advanced settings” at the bottom of the window. In the "Privacy" section, click on the "Content Settings". In the "Cookies" tab, you can block cookies, other tabs allow you to manage exceptions or display cookies and data from the sites visited. Other useful resources: European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EU)

4. The Cookies Accord

The user of the Terminal has the choice of accepting or denying the implantation of cookies their terminal by using the parameters noted above for the appropriate navigator. Continuing to navigate constitutes an acceptance of the recording of cookies, unless the settings in the browser preventing this, have been put in place. The refusal of Cookies The refusal to allow the recording of cookies restricts certain functionalities that are necessary to navigate certain parts of our website. In this case, we deny all responsibility for any consequences that may result from the degraded functioning of our services as a direct result of us being unable to record or consult the cookies necessary for the proper functioning of our website. a) Accepting Cookies If you do accept cookies in your navigation software, the embedded cookies in the pages and content that you have consulted could be temporarily saved in a dedicated place on your terminal. They will be decipherable only by their transmitter.

5. Hosting your Personal Data

Your personal data is only stored on secure servers located in France. Nevertheless, in order to perform certain services, it is possible that Aatise may have to pass your data through servers that could be located around in the world, giving access to personal data providers located abroad. Aatise insists that its subcontractors and service providers guarantee a certain level of security, privacy and sufficient protection of privacy and fundamental rights.

6. Right to Access and Modify the Information

Collected In accordance with the provisions enumerated in articles 38 et seq. of law 78-17 of the 6th of January 1978, concerning information processing, files and freedoms, all users have the right to access, change, and oppose their own personal data, by submitting a written, signed request either: -by e-mail to the following e-mail address: helloe@www.aatise.com -or by post to Aatise, 87 rue des Queyries Dawin, Bastide Bordeaux, 33100 accompanied by a copy of the ID card and signature of the lawful holder of the ID, specifying the address to which the response should be sent and specifying the personal coordinates and references of their account under which their personal data is saved. The modification request will be processed within 4 to 6 weeks.

7. Data Recipient

The information collected is destined for Aatise SAS, data processing manager. Certain information, specifically that of a personal nature, may eventually be communicated in a secure fashion to the technical partners linked to Aatise by contract, for the completion of subcontracted tasks necessary for the management of your account, to execute your orders, to fight against fraud, to ensure the delivery of the goods, to process payment and for certain aspects of the after sales service or even to carry out satisfaction surveys.