Women's linen trousers - Aatise

Women's linen trousers - Aatise

Choose French elegance with women's linen pants from Aatise

While considered the ultimate casual chic garment when worn by men, linen pants become a true fashion statement when worn by women. But to match your style and personality, women's linen pants must first and foremost be designed and manufactured with the utmost respect for this natural, resistant and delicate plant fiber. At Aatise, we want to bring linen back to the forefront of fashion by designing and manufacturing your women's linen pants to order. Whatever the occasion, the style to match or the comfort you're looking for, you'll find tailor-made answers when you choose women's linen pants in all their forms from the Aatise collection. See also our collection of linen pants for men. 

Why should linen be part of your women's wardrobe?

High-waisted wide-leg pants, black linen jumpsuits, linen sweatpants and why not linen mini shorts? Whichever model of women's linen pants you select, it's first and foremost your favorite that you should trust. It's that piece that makes you tick, and in which you're sure to feel comfortable and beautiful in all circumstances. At Aatise, our tailors, seamstresses, and designers combine all their creativity and know-how to create a line of trendy linen garments for women, made from a natural material whose cultivation is in line with our ethical and eco-responsible values. Linen in women's pants brings incomparable lightness to a woman's silhouette. Whether casual or sophisticated, women's linen pants are an essential part of your wardrobe. They can be worn with any look, for any occasion, with refinement and elegance.

Linen, a natural fiber with multiple properties!

When a woman puts on a new garment, comfort and style are first and foremost. But it's increasingly important to consider ethical and environmental issues when choosing your ready-to-wear. If you don't want to take part in the world's textile overproduction, if you've had enough of clothes that travel around the world before ending up in your women's wardrobe, and if you want to wear clothes that make more sense, then the Aatise brand's clothing collections are for you. Why select linen for your women's pants? Quite simply because it's a natural plant fiber, over 80% of which is produced in France, and requires far less cultivation than cotton, for example. Less water, greater resistance to parasites and therefore less need for pesticides, high fiber yield and a strong propensity to absorb CO2 are just some of the criteria that make linen an environmentally-friendly natural fiber. As for the advantages of using linen to make our Made in France pants, there are so many that it seems obvious:

- A naturally hard-wearing material that makes for longer-lasting garments.

- Softness to the touch, making linen pants comfortable to wear.

- A thermoregulating effect that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

- A natural antibacterial property that protects the fabric and prevents unpleasant odors.

- A fabric that lends itself to designers' creativity for linen pants in different styles, colors and variations.

When and how should women's linen pants be worn?

First and foremost, the women's linen pants that come out of our French manufacturing workshops adapt to all body shapes and styles. Casual, chic, elegant, refined, sportswear - whatever look you want to convey, there's always a pair of Aatise linen pants to meet your requirements. From our range of slim-fit white linen summer pants to classic black linen pants, from high-waisted grey linen pants to our linen jumpsuits and trendy linen shorts, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to adding the right outfit to your women's wardrobe. Whether for the office, a girls' night out, a date without overdoing it, a stroll by the seaside or a dressy evening out, linen pants are the perfect partner if you want to combine elegance and modernity. The only condition is knowing how to match your women's linen pants with the other pieces in your wardrobe. This is easy to do, as our linen trouser models harmonize so easily with so many other items of clothing. For tops, a jacket, wool sweater, flowing blouse or camisole will go wonderfully well with your linen pants. As for footwear, women's linen pants are sublimely suited to a pair of pumps, open sandals, ballet flats or suede loafers. It's simple, they go with everything, as long as you take your style and the occasion into account.

Access eco-responsible fashion with Aatise linen pants!

Our vision of what ready-to-wear should be in our modern society is to offer clothing made in France, whose manufacturing processes respect traditional craftsmanship and whose materials meet our eco-responsibility commitments. However, Aatise has chosen to go even further in this approach to human, ethical and environmental responsibility by fighting against waste and overproduction. That's why we only make our women's linen pants when we receive a request. This requires a fully-fledged organization and a profound desire to bring about a change of mentality by proving that it is possible to consume textiles differently. Your women's linen pants are made to order, and the quality of the design, combined with the properties of linen, make them a durable garment that you'll wear for a long time. Do you prefer cargo pants and high heels, wide-cut linen pants with a pair of white leather sneakers, straight-leg pants and darts for a classic business look, or a pair of linen sweatshirt jogging pants? For each of these desires and preferences, the Aatise brand offers a variety of models, lines and colors to make you feel beautiful and comfortable in your linen pants. If you want to wear a pair of pants that reflects your values and asserts your personality, then you should choose linen pants for women, made in France to order.