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Eco-responsible women's fashion, made to order or in limited series Made in France

 Why produce on demand?

On-demand manufacturing is a production model in which the garment is manufactured when the order is confirmed. The aim of this is to reduce waste and avoid unsold stock. The production time is obviously longer, as production is started once the order is accepted. Therefore, with make-to-order, purchasing is more reasoned and considered.

Aatise's customization path allows you to personalize your garment from A to Z. This allows you to respond to consumer demand and create a unique garment. With the latter, many choices are open to you ....

Stages of the personalization process:

1- Choose the fabric: Linen or Ecovero

2 - Select the part to be composed

3- Determine the desired shape, size and color.

On-demand manufacturing: the ecological answer to tomorrow's overproduction 

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and global pollution through over-consumption and the relocation of production. Fast fashion is based on the objective of increasing sales, without taking into account the negative consequences that this entails.

On-demand manufacturing is totally opposed to this system of overproduction. Producing only what is needed avoids textile waste, which in turn pollutes nature or is destroyed by contaminating processes.

The choice of a local and Made in France production, why is it ecological?

At Aatise, all our clothes are Made in France, an ecological alternative to massive textile production. The origin of the products is assured thanks to a total traceability. In a logic of zero waste, buying local is part of the ecological approach.

By manufacturing our parts in France, we reduce the pollution caused by transport and the number of kilometers that the final product travels to reach its customer.

In addition, working conditions are assured and remuneration is fair.

Certified sustainable natural or artificial materials are used.

Our eco-responsible materials

Flax is one of the most natural materials. France is one of the largest producers of linen. Its production does not consume a lot of water and does not need pesticides or fertilizers.

Ecovero is an artificial fiber made from a mixture of wood pulp from sustainable forests and solvents. Compared to traditional viscose, it is an ecological and sustainable material with a low environmental impact.

The difficulties of making on-demand manufacturing profitable in France.

Fast fashion, producing pieces by the thousands, benefits from cheaper production costs due to the huge quantities manufactured and the countries where they relocate their factories.

On-demand manufacturing is the ideal ecological solution to the consequences of the fashion industry. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to make this production model profitable, as production costs and labor in France are much higher than in developing countries. In addition, the price of the environmentally friendly materials used is obviously higher.

Finally, there are longer lead times for the production of made-to-measure garments, which sometimes blocks some customers. The wait will be worth the cost.