Aatise: French eco-responsible men's clothing made on demand

Why should clothes be made to order?

In a society where overconsumption is the basis for the large retail chains, the model of on-demand manufacturing seeks to shake up and change today's consumption patterns. A local, personalized, qualitative and ECOETHIC fashion is possible.

Our on-demand clothing for men

Why is on-demand clothing made?

Every year, more than 100 billion garments are sold worldwide, about 60% more than 15 years ago. The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The materials used to make clothes are very harmful to the environment in terms of consumption of water, pesticides, CO2 emissions or extraction of the main raw materials that make up the clothes. The overproduction model of "fast fashion" generates large surpluses of unsold goods as well as environmental pollution due to the production of large quantities.

What does demand-driven manufacturing actually consist of?

In this production model, goods are sold first and then manufactured. In other words, only what is needed is produced. This system does not build up inventories and avoids unnecessary production. In terms of better consumption, each garment must last a long time. We recommend investing in beautiful, long-lasting pieces that will be worn for several years, rather than buying many cheap pieces of inferior quality.

Personalized and individual clothing

What could be better than making a garment perfectly to your own taste and keeping it for as long as possible? For us, the most durable garment is the one that you do not make for free. For this reason we offer you our personalization course. As the name suggests, you can design your own garment from A to Z.

Our personalization path

The personalization path includes some steps that will allow you to assemble your desired garment according to your criteria:

1) Fabric type: ecovero, printed or plain and linen.

2) The type of garment: pants, shorts, shirts....

3) The desired shape: The size and color you want.

Local manufacturing made in France

Made in France and local manufacturing are at the core of our brand DNA. We want to encourage to produce and consume clothes more sustainably to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet. 

An environmentally friendly and sustainable garment

Environmentally friendly materials

All our on-demand garments are made from environmentally friendly materials. We prefer natural, renewable materials.

-Linen: France is one of the largest producers of linen. This natural fibre does not require fertilisers or pesticides and its cultivation uses very little water. (See our article on the cultivation of flax). It is also a fibre with many positive properties: it is anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and temperature regulating.

-Ecovero Lenzing: Viscose is a synthetic fibre produced with the help of wood pulp and solvents. It is a low environmental impact fabric that is eco-friendly, robust and breathable. The traceability and transparency of the production of the product in Ecovero is guaranteed.

Timeless clothing

Most of our products are timeless garments that can be worn all year round, not just seasonal collections. This makes the garments more durable.