Upcycled and eco-responsible clothing: our available products

 The definition of upcycled and environmentally friendly clothing!

It is important to know that upcycling for clothing has always existed! Remember your youth, when you continued to wear the clothes of your older sister or brother.

That's what upcycling clothing is all about: it's made from materials you already have. Such as used clothing, recycled fabrics, or surplus industrial textiles.

Be careful not to confuse upcycling with recycling! The latter involves breaking down materials to create new products. In contrast, upcycling is about taking existing materials and turning them into something new and different. This is done while retaining their original value.

The upcycling process often begins with the selection of high quality materials that can be used to create a new garment. Used garments are sorted and inspected to determine their condition and reuse potential. So-called "upcycled" fabrics can come from production surplus, fabric remnants, or even old bedsheets and curtains. These materials are then cleaned and then prepared for processing into upcycled clothing.

The process of making upcycled clothing is usually artisanal and requires a high level of creativity and sewing skills. Craftsmen and designers try to use the texture, color and shape of the materials to create unique and original pieces. The result often turns out to be a unique and individual garment that cannot be mass-produced.

Upcycling clothing has become an increasingly popular option for environmentally conscious consumers. That's because one of the main benefits of upcycling is that it reduces textile waste! And it also allows you to give existing materials a new life. In addition, using existing materials reduces the consumption of raw materials. This includes water and energy needed to produce new textiles.

In summary, upcycling clothing is clothing that is made from materials that are already available and even already used. And this practice has become an increasingly popular option for consumers who are not only trying to reduce their impact on the planet. But, who are also trying to be mindful of their consumption habits.

At Aatise, We have upcycled clothing on sale!

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But precisely because our brand Aatise is very committed to the environment and fights against fast fashion, Aatise also produces upcycling clothing.

Our fabrics come from Recovo.com or Uptrade. These websites aim to facilitate the recovery of materials by matching companies with surplus materials with companies that need these materials for their production. Precisely, companies like Aatise that are trying to reduce their impact on the environment and fight against the stagnant stocks of fast fashion.